April 12, 2010

Out of Words

The weekend was a restorative time. I love those. What did you do this weekend? Tell me one highlight! I remember when I was a kid the weekend seemed like it took forever. I always loved going back to school on Monday...it was almost like I couldnt even wait from Friday afternoon onward, because I loved seeing my friends. Crazy hey? Now I feel like I cant get long enough weekends. Gosh.


Man, you know, sometimes my biggest struggle with this whole blog thing is thinking of what to write...which is crazy because I write in my journal all day long, its almost like I cant get the pen out of my hand with all the ideas, but then when I am sitting infront of this computer screen I never know what to write. Does anyone else have this problem?



So on that note, im going to end it here and hope that tomorrow I will have more words to share. Three things I read today in my office that I want to pass onto you :

1. Trust your instincts more
2. Ask stupid questions, and then ask them again and again.
3. Laugh more and worry less

And with that, have a great week! x



  1. I sometimes have trouble as well. It's funny to think you could get writer's block on a blog and I wonder how regular columnists do it!

    That dress is awfully pretty! I love how you paired it with the socks.


  2. these pictures are beautiful! i love the dress. I would hae never styled it that way!

  3. thats a really beautiful dress & i totally adore your hair today!!

    i always really enjoy what you write & you always have something interesting to say :) writers block is such a pain, it happens to me too sometimes & i just don't have a clue what i want to write...hope yours passes soon :)


  4. That's a gorgeous dress.
    And I completely agree with the trust your instincts point, but it's so much easier to say than do!

    It's Cohen

  5. That's a gorgeous dress, and I adore the combo with the socks <3

    And I understand what you mean about not knowing what to write in blogs, I've only been fashion-blogging for about a week and a day but I know what you mean...

    p.s come check out my blog, I'd be delighted to hear what you think of it - www.mesmericoutsider.blogspot.com

    you have a wonderful week too xxx

  6. love the dress! it's so pretty with the lace details. and i like how you wore the socks with it. i have bloggers block a lot. then i just start talking about my day and all of a sudden you can't shut me up!

  7. You are lovely!! That dress is adorable on you!

    I love how you paired the socks with it too =)


  8. I struggle the same way. I keep a paper journal as well as this personal blog, but sometimes I would just rather post pictures and not say anything.

  9. The dress is beautiful! It reminds me of slips from the turn of the century and getting ready in front of a gaudy old vanity with pigment pots an kohl pencils...

    Writers block often gets me when writing posts, or even writing comments--- some days it takes me so long to post not because I'm writing a novel, but because I can think of nothing to say... and then of course as soon as I put it up I think of a multitude of things that should have been included, but just sigh and move on because I have already spent too much time on it... it's nice to know I'm not alone!

  10. This dress is so pretty! I really love it - wherever did you find it?

  11. Thanks for the comment on my dress! I appreciate it! If we lived closer, you could borrow it, haha. :)

    "Blue is in Fashion this Year" did a little post on lace dresses ... I really like yours, so very pretty.

    This weekend I took my stinkin' grad homework to the shoreline and watched boats go by as I worked on it. :)

    Funny enough, I never have trouble thinking of what to write. It's because I'm a chatterbox.

    Talk soon!

  12. looove how you pulled off that lace dress. A++! also, i just adore your wallpaper (i just stumbled unto your blog and i'm glad i did!)

  13. Oh that hair! I so wish I could have long hair like yours, but I'm having early hair-grow-no-more problems. It seems to have stopped at my shoulders. Anyway, your outfit is lovely and so are you! You positivity is always so inspiring :)


  14. great advice and what a lovely dress!
    Thanks to you I'm liking The Bird and the Bee on grooveshark right now ;]

  15. Your dress is so lovely! It's such a pretty cream color!

    I was having that problem awhile ago, and my posts would be alot of words about nothing. I'm trying to focus my posts more (which is difficult for someone diagnosed with ADHD!)on certain topics and keep the random ideas and thoughts for my journaling. :]

  16. What a pretty dress! Love it! So vintage-y and romantic.

    And yes, I struggle with what to write in my blog sometimes as well... I feel like most people are mainly looking at the pictures, and then I'm not sure how much to share through writing! But I'm hoping it will come with time!

  17. i love your style....
    you re so amazing..:)
    i'll definetely follow you..
    if you have time you can visit me..

  18. Love the lace dress. The pictures look great.


  19. Such good advice. :)

    I really love your dress. So sweet!

  20. oh! that dress!!! lovely!

    as always I love your pics:)



  21. ohmygoodness, i love this dress ridiculously :) so gorgeous.

  22. ADORE the outfit!
    I'm going shopping with my friend on Friday and on Sunday I'm going to see Jedward in concret :D Happy days <3


  23. i always enjoy your posts. this outfit is so cute.

  24. I adore your lace dress, and your hair. It's so pretty! I think I will be watching your blog now. The name totally led me here (postcards from...italy?) :}

    My weekend was very mediocre; here's hoping for better ones to come!

  25. I went to a drag pageant. :)

  26. You look sooo darling! I love the flirty white dress :) so perfect for the summer!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  27. Aw, I really like this post. Seems like I've missed a couple over the weekend- honestly, I need to go to bed but I thought to myself,"I haven't seen Kate in a while. I miss her", and went on here to see what was going on.
    I just really like how you're honest about having nothing to sat! That's so neat. And of course I'm loving your dress and hair and all.
    But I really just like you!

  28. What a beautiful romantic look! It reminds me of late Victorian styles with that lovely lace. I love it!

    I like the thoughts you posted here, too. I'm going to make #3 my goal for the rest of this month. I haven't done enough laughing so far and I've done far too much worrying. Time to turn that around! Thanks!

  29. I absolutely love this dress. Love the lace detail! I'm back by the way! I was feeling lazy during the weekend, I did absolutely nothing... how sad! But I am back and I have lots of outfits to post this week, yay!!! :)

  30. omg i looooove your dress :) where is it from?
    oh and i just love your banner, so pretty :)

  31. Adore your dress, simply love everything that has lace on it..well almost. Really like that a lot of shops/stores have dresses and blouses with frills and lace...brings an extra smile to my face when I see it. Sometimes it feels like I could buy the whole lot! hahah :D

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, means the world to me ♥

  32. Ahhh, what a perfect dress! And the socks are so wonderful with it! Your style truly is so "you". I just love it // you. <3

  33. You have such a great style ! :)

  34. that dress is so romantic! I love it!1

  35. thank you so much for the comment, it made me so happy!! love this dress by the way! great blog.

  36. I completely feel in love with this outfit, you look so fairy like and just like a doll.

    ooohh and I don't think I have ever told you this but I love your blog name so much, it's really mysterious and inviting.

    Everytime I visit you blog you leave me with a joyful feeling , so thank you:)

    I hope you have a sunny Sunday

  37. Aw this makes me want a white lace dress so so badly. I am also highly envious of your volumous hair. Lucky girl!

    I can totally understand! I feel like I have so many word jumbled in my head and things I want to mention, then I get to the keyboard and it's all gone. I guess it's because when I write a post I just feel selfish and like I'm doing nothing but talking about myself and there goes all my creative energy.



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