April 9, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I couldnt be more happier that the weekend is here! This week felt like it went by in the speed of a snail, will be nice to just relax for a few days. Today is the youth program and I am not too sure what we are doing for it - but I imagine it will be pretty fun, it always is! What are your plans for this weekend?



Last night was super fun. Two of my great friends Kate and Trey are leaving here to go back to America - sad times, but I am excited for them! They get to live in the land of Taco Bell and Koolaid (Anyone want to send me some koolaid?! Im going through withdrawls!) So we had some chicken wings at my house made by my other lovely friend Ivan and his fiance, who is my beauty of a room mate....It was so much fun. I love chicken wings, I also love nachos and we had both. I also love eating till you feel like you may explode! On more exciting news of last night though, my friend Kate and I went to the markets and I went to pick up some boots that I bought from there a while ago, they were broken so they needed to be repaired - and I got there and the lady said that they werent fixed, but out of the corner of my eye I saw the most beautiful pair of doc martens, and I knew it was just meant to be. The lady let me trade the boots I bought before for these ones, (big secret : the boots before cost me 4 dollars - and she said the docs were going to be $40 - but she gave them to me for free! What a score! shhh!)



Thats all for me. I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. Im excited about finding out who is going to win the giveaway! Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments..I was more than thrilled to recieve them all! Glad you guys like it. Thats all for now, kiss kiss. x



  1. The Doc Martens really gave this dress an edge..congrats on the rockin' deal!! ;D

    I love the look.

  2. so cute, I love that dress! The polka dot tights and doc's are awesome touches

  3. Today I shared a taco platter with a friend. Cheesy mexican food, gotta love it.

    And daaang good job on the Doc Marten steal! I feel like I've been stagnant in my clothes, I keep on wanting to buy when I have no money! Isn't that the eternal dilemma. :(

    Happy weekend!

    Toast with Charmalade

  4. Yay for cheap boots! I love your lace dress!

  5. Man oh man I really need to get me some heart tights. They are SO CUTE! And I lurve your side braid. It's très adorable :)


  6. UGH i envy you right now. i can't even find doc martens in my size and i'm willing to pay the full price and you find them for $4?!!?

    they do look really cute on you though.

  7. If I could send you Taco Bell and koolaid, I would! Taco bell I'm sure misses you!

    lovelove, M.

  8. Love those boots...and your hair...and - well, you're just adorable all around :)

    This weekend will most likely be full of homework. But I had a lovely Friday, so I can't complain! I hope yours is wonderful!

    - Laura, owleyesblog.blogspot.com

  9. Cuuute dress. :) I like it. I'm going to a drag beauty pageant tomorrow night!

  10. Wow, I LOVE your hair swept over like that! I might have to copy you! And the Docs are badass. Awesome! Can't wait to see who wins the giveaway--if it's me, I'll eat some Taco Bell for you!


  11. I bet if you could keep the taco bell from moving too much it would ship OK with all those delicious chemicals. those boots were a great find!

  12. Love that dress and how you styled it with the boots! Ha - you're not missing anything with the Taco Bell :-)

  13. Aw, look at you and your little braided-hair self. So cute!
    I'm glad for you and your new shoes. What a steal! Love it.
    Have a great weekend, Kate!

  14. Oh wow, I love your dress! I love any sort of purple dress, but yours is toooo gorgeous, especially with the lace :]

  15. I love your dress and boots!


  16. love your dress, and of course the tights and boots are perfect!

    Mamushka Marie

  17. gorgeous dress. love the lace with your hair.

    awesome blog! totes gonna follow :D

  18. cute look :) love how the docs make the girly look edgier!

  19. nothing beats good ol' chicken wings (although they're full of calories..LOL)..especially love them with barbecue sauce and sour cream dip...*slurp*

    such a great bargain on the docs!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  20. Omg! I am in love woth this outfit!
    The Docs were such a bargain!


  21. just four bucks?? OMG, what a bargain!!
    beautiful shots missy :)


  22. I love how you put your outfit together!

  23. What a steal! I want some Docs so bad, but I'm kinda trying to save money. I love those tights! (:


  24. I love it! Such an authentic and edgy look!

  25. Your outfit is so cute! I am in love with your dress.
    Oh how much I love taco bell & koolaid! Delicious! I will seriously send you packets of koolaid - I am not joking - you have been so encouraging to my blog and I owe you! (I definitely owe you more than koolaid but this is a perfect opportunity to show you my gratitude in a silly way :D

  26. You look great,awesome outfits!

  27. These photos are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the acid wash skirt...so cute!

  28. Amazing dress! Ah! It looks amazing on you!

  29. I love that dress! I've been dreaming of something like it lately, this is great inspiration. Your whole blog is, actually! :)

  30. Kate maggie, i love you. This is a beautiful outfit. what kind of camera do you use!? They always look so vintage-y. (:


    ps: thanks for all the sweet comments, doll.

  31. adore the doc martins, really want a pair!


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